Doctor Who Season Four (dwseason4) wrote,
Doctor Who Season Four

Final Notes & Statistics

First: wow, that was fun.

And seriously, thank you, everyone who was following along with this. Not only for the compliments and encouragement (and occasional tiny edits), but because I didn't have to pimp this anywhere, and it still got the readership that it did-- which means you guys were pimping it out on your LJs, and that absolutely thrills me. Thank you. ♥

For the curious, some statistics:

Total word count: 50614

I don't know if I'll ever be able to do that much in two weeks again. Yikes.

And a breakdown of wordcount by POV, in case anyone was wondering who I love writing the most:

Master (& Harry): 15601
Doctor: 14848
Martha: 12283
Jack: 8083

That's not surprising, is it. ;)

And lastly, to answer pretty much the only FAQ I've gotten: no, there isn't going to be a season five. It's for any number of reasons, among them that I feel this project has sort of taken my soul and I need to spend a bit of time collecting the scattered fragments of my sanity, and also because I took advantage of the only two weeks of summer when I wasn't busy, and now I will be again-- but mostly it's because the story's complete. I've had my fun with this universe and I feel all right about Last of the Time Lords now, and it's time to move on.

That's not to say I won't be writing, though. Don't bother watching this space, but watch my normal writing journal if you like; I don't think I'm finished messing about with Doctor Who quite yet.

Love to you all.
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